Mariah Carey has been accused of lip-synching during her performance at the BET awards, but, considering the amount of these ‘scandals’, should we really be surprised that yet another star didn’t sing live?

Mariah CareyMariah Carey - are you singing... or?

This isn’t even the first time Carey has been accused of miming - during a performance on American Idol earlier this year in May, the singer was castigated on social networking sites as she seemed to move her lips over a pre-recorded track.

“At around 2:15 to 2:21 in the clip she appears to be out of sync with the audio. That’s the one spot I think could be the giveaway that she’s lip syncing," a Hollywood music producer and audio engineer, who requested not to be identified, said. “However, sometimes a slight delay in the audio sync to the video can also make someone look like they are lip syncing when they are not. It could just be a bad edit,” he added.

BeyonceBeyonce was accused of a similar thing

Earlier this year, Beyonce was accused of singing over a backing track at President Obama inauguration – something her die-hard fans took very seriously, and seemed to be inordinately offended by. The fact is, though, we shouldn’t be surprised when a singer or a band decides to use a backing track and mime over it. And given that most of them struggle to perform live anyway, the quality is increased tenfold by their decision not to do what they’re paid to do.