Mariah Carey refuses to read anything about herself.

The 55-year-old singer has been one of the biggest stars in music for more than 30 years but admitted that one of her "coping mechanisms" when it comes to dealing with having worldwide fame is to avoid looking at anything that is written about her.

She told People: "I would say it's writing. It's prayer. It's like these little things that can take you from possibly being in a really bad mood to just being in a better place immediately. And just really being thankful for all scenarios, all the moments that come our way.

"I don’t read anything written about me. That’s one of my coping mechanisms. It's taking a bath."

When it comes to taking a bath, the 'Always Be My Baby' hitmaker - who split from Bryan Tanaka over Christmas last year after seven years of dating - doesn't really like it when someone else run her one because they will often get things wrong.

She said: "If someone is kind enough to say ‘OK, I know you're probably going to want to get inside and go in the bath, so I’ll run it for you.’ Well . . .'

"They put in too many bubbles. That gets a little bit out of control because then you can't just lay back without getting bubbles all over you.” Therefore, she’s not so much into bubbles. “I prefer the bath salts, and those can really be good, especially if you're a little sore or whatever, you can just soak in bath salts. My latest favorite are the orange ones. They’re really good. Then there's the lavender ones that are really relaxing.”