McFly have been writing songs with Matt Willis.

The 'All About You' hitmakers - who are made up of Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones - have teamed up with the former Busted singer to pen new tracks, and they often hang out with the 29-year-old star and his wife, TV presenter Emma Willis, in their spare time.

Tom said: ''We've been writing songs with Matt recently. His wife Emma hangs out with my wife Giovanna. They're really good mates.''

It's not the first time the group have teamed up with members of Busted as the boy band recalled hanging out with the group's singer James Bourne during a visit to America once when the former Son of Dork star failed to be get recognised when he performed one of Busted's own songs at karaoke.

Harry added to Now magazine: ''We don't really do karaoke. But once we were in a bar in the States with James Bourne from Busted and did their song 'Year 3000'. It was amazing because no one knew who he was. People were like, 'That's such a cool Jonas Brothers song, man!' ''