Teen singer Michelle Branch will eternally remember her trip to a nude beach - after encountering a remarkably large penis.

The 19-year-old EVERYWHERE star says she visited the area out of curiosity - and was amazed with what she saw.

She recalls, "My cousin and I sat on a hill like the perverts that we were, and watched everybody and laughed and pointed.

"There was this one guy wearing a spiked collar and black combat boots. As he got closer to the beach, he started running like it was the most exciting thing ever and stripping off his clothes.

"As soon as his pants were down, all of us were like, 'Oh my God! That's why he was so excited to get to the beach!' He had the biggest d**k I've ever seen in my whole life. It was all the way down to the middle of his leg."

18/06/2003 09:05