Miley Cyrus has got a new pet piglet named Bubba Sue.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker, who is well-known for her love of dogs, took to Instagram to reveal the latest member of the Cyrus household to the world.

Miley, 21, said: ''newest member to the fam #bubbasue.''

In one of the pictures of herself and Bubba Sue, Miley is seen giving her newest pet a smooch while wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt and some sparkling eyeshadow.

Another snap shows Miley flashing a huge smile as she holds her cute new pet to her chest, with the former 'Hannah Montana' star taking the photo with one hand and holding Bubba Sue in the other.

The final photo shows the 'Party In The USA' star - with her famous blonde hair pulled into a little knot and wearing a stylish denim jacket - sat down cradling her new pet in a soft white towel.

The maternal side Miley displays in the photos represents a marked diversion from her typically outlandish behaviour, which last week included letting a fan grope her for $900.

The singer encouraged lucky fan David to put his hands over her breasts and pretend to kiss her during a photo opportunity after a gig in New York.