Sarah Harding’s ordeals in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house have been all over the tabloids for the last couple of months.

However, her former Girls Aloud bandmate Nadine Coyle has revealed in a wide-ranging new interview with The Sun that she tried in vain to get her friend to refuse to do ‘CBB’, persuading her to come to Spain with her on holiday instead.

“She called to tell me she was doing it and my immediate thing was, ‘Don’t. Absolutely not.’ ‘Why?’ she said. ‘Stop this immediately. Retract, retract. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. We’ll go on a holiday. I’m going to Spain, come,” Coyle told the British paper on Thursday (September 7th).

While Harding won the 20th series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in the final a couple of weeks ago, her erratic behaviour coupled with the situation of being locked in appeared to do a great deal of damage to her.

Nadine CoyleNadine Coyle also spoke about the disintegration of Girls Aloud

Coyle also revealed that she was the only one of the band to actually wish Sarah good luck before she entered the house – but said that both of them weren’t surprised.

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“I’m not surprised, no. If you don’t like somebody, just be genuine about it. You don’t have to be anything else. I don’t think Sarah’s surprised either, it’s to be expected.”

32 year old Nadine also spoke about the disintegration of Girls Aloud, revealing she thinks the split happened because she was given the majority of the vocals as their career developed, which made the other four members “very bitter”.

Sarah HardingSarah Harding's 'CBB' ordeal ended in late August when she won the contest

“We had songs, we had a three-album deal and it seemed like a great time,” Nadine, who has solo material coming out in the next few months, explained. “The very last night management had come to the room. I was all ready, and they were like, ‘So I know you’re not going to like this, I know you’re not going to agree, but the girls want to split up the band.”

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