The Game of Thrones star plays Lady Seymour Worsley in a new series called The Scandalous Lady W, which lays bare the real life 18th-century aristocrat's love life.

Worsley was rumoured to have taken 27 lovers during her troubled marriage, and the BBC show has come under fire from critics for using racy language including words such as "f**k", "s**ewing" and "b**ch".

However, author Hallie Rubenhold, who wrote the book on which the series is based, is adamant the language is historically accurate and viewers should not be offended.

She says, "So much of what we see on screen really happened. If you'll pardon my French, the word 'f**k' and the word 'b**ch' were used very regularly in 18th century parlance. There is a fantastic line, 'If that b**ch comes in here again I'll shoot her' - that's actually taken from a deposition statement (during Worsley's court battle with her husband)."

The drama airs in the U.K. next month (Aug15).