New York Fashion Week kicked off the year's most exciting month in fashion where key trends are forecasted for the coming seasons. NYFW 2013 didn't disappoint, with creative and eye-catching shows held by designers new and established.

Vera Wang NYFW
Vera Wang Balanced Floaty Fabrics With Heavy Footwear.

Vera Wang's SS 2014 collection employed delicate, floaty, often assymetrical dresses paired with clumpy tan or black wedge heels. There were clear sporty overtones as modified windbreakers and black baseball jackets made more feminine with tailoring and mesh kicked off the show. Color was then introduced in the form of the jewel tones of blue, and red, as well as the softer greys and yellows that contrasted with the models' identical black band head pieces as architecture and athletics met in stunning unision.

Vera Wang NYFW Baseball Jacket
Vera Wang's Collection Emphasised Sporty Can Be Feminine.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs show made full use of the theatrics and atmosphere offered by the rather unique venue, New York's Armoury, clothed in a navy blue light. If Jacobs' show was theatre, his set was a rickety jetty, a monster truck tyre sticking out of the ground, a sewer pipe and strewn novels and issues of Vogue. The outfits on display reflected the venue's gothic vibe, with each of the models wearing identical roughly chopped blonde wigs with block fringes as they emerged and paraded from all directions, giving the audience an immersive experience.

Marc Jacobs NYFW
Marc Jacobs' Show's Setting Echoed His Collection's Dark Tones.

As models wearing black, Victorian-inspired dresses drew closer, intricate shoulder plumage and high-throat bodices imbued with delicate embroidery or a spray of netting could be seen. East Asian-inspired brocaded military jackets and intricate kimonos came next showcasing lush, sometimes imperfect trims of fuzzy tassels.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne Walked For Marc Jacobs' Gothic-Inspired Show.

"I wanted to do a celebration of the decorative; the things you don't need but which still draw your eye[...]I didn't want to stick to the cliché of spring and summer. I wanted it to be for girls[...]who have no problem coming to work in a Victorian gown and a pair of Birkenstocks, or a 1940s cocktail dress worn in the middle of the day with a pair of sneakers," said Jacobs speaking via The Telegraph.

Anna Sui NYFW
Anna Sui's Models Were Stunning As An Out-Of-This-World Ethereal Trend Was Channelled.

Elsewhere, Anna Sui inspired with her usual trend of feminine shapes, patterns and colours. Her SS collection incorporated a trend for elfish, hippy-styled, pieces, occasionally bordering on the twee. Described as "outer space hippy" by Fox News, Anna Sui created gentle and effeminate pieces that women can lust over. Wearing fringing, floral prints, horizontal headbands, wide sleeves and sandals, models wore their hair long and free with the men's velvet trousers and shining floral dinner jackets a particular delight.

Karen Elson Anna Sui
Karen Elson Was The Perfect Choice To Model Anna Sui's dainty Fabrics & Hippy Trend.

Malan Breton, an "on the up" talent took his audience somewhere completely different for his rock 'n' roll inspired show. Male and female models both wore John Travolta-esque white suits with heavy, statement lapels and androgynous, slicked back hairstyles. 80s style pointy high-heels hid underneath long, straight-leg trousers whilst flashes of fire-coloured suit pieces, pops of shining colour and leather detailing made the collection roar.

Malan Breton Suit
Malan Breton's Models Were Bold In 1970s Suits.

Breton claims that his pieces were inspired by Juan Carlos' film, In The Mood For Love, as well as the British invasion of rockabilly in his interview with AOL, saying "I'm fascinated by the concept of mixing music, film and costumes.I love the idea of the hourglass.I like to bring it all together for the show."

Malan Breton Suit
Rock 'N' Roll Romance Was The Starting Point For Malan Breton's SS 2014 Collection.

Overall, New York Fashion Week displayed a celebration of dichotomies: feminine vs. masculine, old vs. new, colour vs. monochrome; often beautifully portrayed through just one outfit. Sporty silhouettes and busy fabrics will be key trends to look out for next season. We're looking forward to our next September destination: London.

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