Nicholas Hoult and Andrea Riseborough are to star in sci-fi comedy 'Alpha Gang'.

The pair will be joined in the movie by a stellar cast that includes Jon Hamm, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mackenzie Davis and Steven Yuen.

The Alpha Gang are a group of aliens that resemble humans in their appearance and sound but are actually on a mission to conquer Earth.

However, their plan goes awry when they start experiencing human emotions. The aliens begin feeling joy, fear, empathy and love, which puts their plans to annihilate the human race in jeopardy.

The movie will be directed by David and Nathan Zellner from a story penned by David. Adele Romanski and Sara Murphy will produce the film, with Protagonist Pictures distributing the movie.

David Zellner said: ''I've been wanting to make this film for a long time - a genre mash-up of sci-fi, action and comedy.

''Nathan and I couldn't be more excited about this incredible cast joining us for this wild ride.''

Dave Bishop, CEO of Protagonist Pictures, added: '''Alpha Gang' is a hilarious, fast-paced and highly commercial movie with a phenomenal A-list cast and is exactly the dose of humour that the market needs right now.''

'Alpha Gang' will be unveiled at the virtual Cannes festival and production is set to begin in 2021 in Eastern Europe.

Nicholas recently dropped out of 'Mission: Impossible 7', in which he was set to portray a villain.

The 30-year-old actor reportedly had to leave the project as the production delay, due to the coronavirus pandemic, led to a scheduling conflict.