Yet another war film is set to hit your screens this Spring, as Nicholas Hoult stars as a US Army soldier in 'Sand Castle'; a Netflix Original Film about the occupation of Iraq in 2003. It comes a day after the first trailer for Afghanistan war satire 'War Machine' was released.

Sand CastleNicholas Hoult, Henry Cavill and Logan Marshall-Green star in 'Sand Castle'

Private Matt Ocre is taught to be excited about the prospect of going to war, that he's lucky to have such an adventure and stories to tell people for the rest of his life. He doesn't see it that way though, and even tries to get medically discharged by deliberately slamming his hand in the door of an army vehicle. Unfortunately, it just doesn't do enough serious damage and he is forced to continue his mission with his comrades.

His job is to help fix a water pumping station in a village outside Baqubah after it was damaged by US bombs. His platoon have a responsibility to protect the local people, but that is made all the harder by the fact that the villagers don't want them around. It may not sound particularly fraught with danger, but Matt can't help but think they're walking into treacherous territory. Indeed, when they are ambushed by Iraqi snipers, he realises he's made a huge mistake in joining up.

Nicholas Hoult plays Matt Ocre, a character based on the wartime experiences of screenwriter Chris Roessner. Chris decided to write the film after watching Oliver Stone's 1986 movie 'Platoon' while in Iraq. Meanwhile, it has been directed by the award-winning Fernando Coimbra ('A Wolf at the Door', 'Narcos') and also stars Henry Cavill as Captain Syverson, Glen Powell as Falvy, and Logan Marshall-Green and Beau Knapp who are as yet unnamed characters.

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'Sand Castle' is scheduled to be released on Netflix on April 21st 2017.