Fans of animated sheep are in for a treat; a new trailer has been released for Shaun the Sheep: The Movie.

Shaun the Sheep

The stop-motion caper by Aardman Animation sees the woolly hero go on an adventure in the big city, where he is tasked with rescuing the Farmer who has left after being unable to cope with Shaun's mischief. He's joined by his fluffy pals including Shirley, Timmy and the rest of the flock, as well as Bitzer the hapless sheepdog. There will also be a few new faces in the former of an animal warden called Trumper and a street-smart oprhan dog called Slip.

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Featuring the voices of popular children's entertainer Justin Fletcher, known for his work on CBeebies, and Welsh comedian John Sparkles who is best known as the narrator in 'Peppa Pig', the film is being released by StudioCanal. Fans of Shaun will know that he first appeared on screens in the Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave but it looks like he sadly won't be reuniting with his co-stars from that adventure just yet. The cheese-loving duo had their own big screen outing in 2005 with Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

This is Shaun's first solo venture on the big screen, but the television series 'Shaun the Sheep' has been hugely popular, having run for 120 episodes since it started in 2007 and been broadcast in 180 countries. With its catchy theme song sang by Vic Reeves and slapstick humour, it also spawned a spin-off show entitled 'Timmy Time' about the adventures of the youngest member of the flock who is also Shaun's cousin.

The new trailer is suitably silly and will appeal to kids and adults alike- particularly great is the reference to Silence of the Lambs. See if you can spot it! The film will hit cinemas on February 6th 2015. 

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