Nicki Minaj's new fragrance bottle is an ''extension'' of her. The bottle for the 'Starships' singer's new scent, Pink Friday, comes in two pieces - the bottom part of a white bustier torso with a gold nameplate necklace and the top part of a silver head with a long Pink plastic hair hanging over the torso's shoulders - and Nicki says it's an even more flamboyant version of her.

Nicki said: ''They asked me, 'What do you feel is a real extension of you?' And I said, 'There's nothing more synonymous with Nicki Minaj than a Pink wig. If I could get that on the bottle, that would really make me feel like this fragrance is a part of me - my history and my future.''

She thinks her fans will ''freak out'' over the original design.

Aiming to be different Nicki teamed up with Firmenich to create what is Classified as an intoxicating floral musk with hints of star fruit, lotus flower and caramelised pear.

Nicki told WWD: ''I wanted it to be a brand-new, exciting addition to the market.

''It has an amazing combination of a playful feeling as well as a sultry feeling that lingers on. It smells like a fantasy to me.''

She thinks she has ''a knack for picking out good beauty stuff'', having already teamed up with MAC's Viva Glam charity earlier this year to create a lipstick.