Nicki Minaj has threatened to fire her ‘Pink Friday 2’ world tour DJ after he signed a fan’s chest.

The 41-year-old rapper took to X to seemingly slam DJ Boof after he boasted about his celebrity status as a fan had asked him to sign her breasts.

Nicki – real name Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty – ranted online: “I promise I’ll fire him if I EVAHHHHH see this again. Df.”

She also retweeted the picture that showed Boof grinning as he autographed a fan’s chest with a marker

He said alongside the snap: “I’m really famous. They asked me to sign their boobs.”

Nicki’s threat prompted a flood of fans to point out she also signs her fans’ chests.

But Boof – born Clyde Joseph Jr, and who rose to fame as the DJ on ‘The Wendy Show’ – appeared to backtrack about wanting fame when he said on his Instagram Stories: “Growing up I used to want to be famous but we all know you can be famously broke.”

Nicki’s threat comes after she was briefly arrested on Saturday (25.05.24) by Dutch authorities at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and fined for allegedly “carrying drugs”.

She documented much of her arrest on Instagram, which included a video that showed officers informing her all her bags needed to be searched because they found drugs and were suspicious that she had more.

Nicki could be heard protesting and saying everything was a misunderstanding. She also claimed via X that the drugs found belonged to her security team.

She was on her way to Manchester at the time of her arrest, and it forced her to cancel her concert in the city’s Co-Op Live Arena.

Meanwhile, she has been ridiculed by some fans for asking for a moment of silence for her “dear friend” Princess Diana at her concert in Birmingham, England, on Sunday. (26.05.24)

She handed her pink microphone to a concertgoer who declared he was from Wales, and Nicki link their hometown to the late Princess of Wales when she said in a British accent: “Wales! It always reminds me of a dear friend of mine –– well, she’s not here anymore – but the Princess of Wales.”

Nicki then paused and called for a “moment of silence” for the late princess and held the microphone to her chest and looked down for a few seconds while the audience became slightly quieter.

Some fans mocked the tribute by pointing out Nicki was a schoolgirl when Diana died in 1997.