Nikki Sixx, bassist of Mötley Crue, married his girlfriend of three years on Saturday (15th March). The 55-year-old musician wed model Courtney Bingham in Los Angeles in front of 130 guests.

Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham
Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham wed in a L.A. on Saturday (15th March).

The ceremony was held at Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles and had a gothic rock combined with a French countryside theme, according to People. The ceremony was a success and featured a number of quaint personal touches including Bingham's favourite triple berry cake. 

The couple expressed their excitement by posting Instagram pictures of their pre-wedding preparations. Sixx posted an image of his wedding jewellery - gothic rock inspired - laid out for the big day and added in the caption "so excited for today". Sixx's future wife posted her "last selfie as a single woman" and added: "I love my fiancé! Ready for our day to celebrate with my new family, my family and friends!"

Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham
The couple have been together for over 3 years.

The happy couple have been dating for over three years and Sixx proposed to Bingham in St. Bart's in 2012. Preparations for the wedding have dominated Bingham's Instagram account and she discussed in depth her wedding dress shopping plans in a recent interview. The 28-year-old model found her perfect custom made wedding dress at her aunt's bridal boutique, as Bingham told Entertainment Tonight.  It seems she searched for the perfect dress but after being unable to find one, decided to turn to her aunt for help. On the matter she said "How special to have a family member make it [the dress] and design it for me." 

For inspiration Bingham turned to fashion magazines for inspiration as she wanted something different from the traditional bridal styles. She found her inspiration in Jennifer Lawrence's dress from the Oscars in 2013 and was impressed with how Lawrence looked graceful even whilst falling! Bingham told ET, "then I saw Jennifer Lawrence two years ago at the Oscars falling gracefully, perfectly, as she goes up to accept her award, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, the back of that dress!'"

Sixx has been married twice before to Playboy playmates Brandi Brandt and Donna D'Errico. He has four children from his previous marriages: three from his first and a daughter from his second. 

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Jennifer Lawrence
Bingham's wedding dress was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's 2013 Oscars gown.