Rocker Nikki Sixx has cast doubt over the authenticity of a collection of Motley Crue memorabilia items which recently sold online for $5,000 (£3,125).
The pricey lot, which was placed on auction website, was said to include an autographed book from the band's Shout at the Devil world tour in the 1980s, "vintage" tour passes, guitar picks from both Sixx and Mick Mars, and a custom made Shout at the Devil leather wristband.
But bassist Sixx has questioned whether some of the items are the real deal and he took to his blog on Friday (03Aug12) to air his concerns.
Linking fans to a news article about the auction, he writes, "I know at least 1 of these items is fake because it sit's (sic) in my house.The passes are questionable too.Another rip off."