Olivia Palermo is launching a "lifestyle" blog.

The reality TV star will debut OliviaPalermo.com next week, and will use the site to talk about trends and designers, as well as penning a monthly "editor's letter" and incorporating contributions from other writers.

She told Fashionista.com: "It will be more of a lifestyle blog for sure. I'll touch on the designers I love and trends I see on the street - like snaps of really cool girls I see in Tokyo. Or if there's a boutique in St. Tropez or Barcelona that I like and want to revisit. It will be a little bit of everything.

"If your sweater is pilly, I'll show you how to take a razor to it."

In addition, Olivia wants to allow people to be able to shop on the site and is looking forward to introducing new talent to the world.

She said: "With The Rise in e-commerce, I can give young designers even more of an advantage when I feature them on my site. We'll put a lot of young emerging designers on the site because that's important to me."

The former 'City' star also admitted she would love to design her own evening wear line in the future.

She said: "I want to build my fashion company the proper way, in time. I can wait a little bit. But once I settle down a bit more and create a line it will most likely be evening wear."