Drinking Buddies comes out on July 25th in America after some pretty serious festivals over the spring. In this trailer, we can see the film’s stars Olivia Wilde (Kate)and Jake Johnson (Luke) getting pretty cute with each other. This can’t go wrong at all, can it?

Olivia Wilde Jake Johnson
Wilde and Johnson chill out as Kate and Luke

Well, Anna Kendrick, who play’s Luke’s Jill, and Ron Livingston, who plays Kate’s Chris, might find something to take issue with there, especially when the four of them decide it would be a great idea to spend a weekend away together. Of course, Kate and Luke’s close friendship just blossoms further, as the work colleagues-cum-best buds find time to spend with eachother. But what does that mean for Jill and Chris? Trouble, that’s what.

Check out the Drinking Buddies trailer here

Director Joe Swanberg has been a busy guy over the last decade. Since his debut movie Kissing on The Mouth in 2005, he’s directed eighteen full-length features in eight years. That’s 2.25 films a year. Critical acclaim has come in the form of Silver Bullets, Alexander The Last and Nights and Weekends but some commentators have labelled his work rushed.

Jake Johnson and Anna KendrickThat's better - Luke and Jill are thinking about marriage

Drinking Buddies will likely draw a considerable crowd because of one person: Jake Johnson. The lovable funny-man has enjoyed a popular turn in New Girl as Nick opposite Zoe Deschanel as the pair flaunt their wacky tendencies. His role in Drinking Buddies opposite Wilde is similar – guy and girl enjoy close friendship that borders on the romantic – but there looks to be more room to manoeuvre. More delightful movie stills below.

Olivia Wilde and Jake JohnsonOh, no, here we go again

Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston
Well, this was always going to happen - Kendrick and Livingston turn to the vino