'Don't Worry Darling's cinematographer insists that the movie's set was "harmonious".

Despite reports of acrimony between director Olivia Wilde and leading actress Florence Pugh, cinematographer Matthew Libatique has insisted that there were no issues on set.

Speaking on The Hollywood Reporter‘s 'Behind the Screen' podcast, he said: "This was probably the most harmonious set I’ve ever been on. Olivia built a team that believed in her and she believed in each and everybody on the set. … When I hear that there are reports of acrimony on the set, I reject it. It wasn’t apparent at all."

And, he added that if there was tension, it happened after he left the set.

He said: "Whatever happened, it happened way after I left and started doing something else. I was never witness to anything and I didn’t feel anything. You know, you get a feeling that there might be something going on, and I didn’t feel anything.”

He went on to praise both Olivia and Florence, saying Wilde "has something really special as a director. She's extremely visual and open and likes to take many chances".

Speaking about Florence, he added: "she could do anything".

The movie stars Florence and Olivia's boyfriend Harry Styles as a couple living in an idyllic town where everything is not as it seems.

It also stars Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and KiKi Layne.