Paramount, which is implementing a low-key promotional campaign for its Steven Spielberg-produced, J.J. Abrams-directed Super-8, may gain from Twitter what it is risking by abstaining from the expected hype for a summer blockbuster. In yet another quiet move, the studio revealed on Tuesday that it will preview the movie on Thursday -- a day before its scheduled release -- to Twitter users who buy tickets via the hashtag #Super8Secret. Three hundred theaters, 239 of which are IMAX locations, are taking part in the promotion and will provide free popcorn with any other concession purchase. Meanwhile, Paramount responded today (Wednesday) to reports that tracking shows relatively little moviegoer interest in the movie. Today's Hollywood Reporter said that the studio, which figures Super 8 will gross only $25-30 million over the weekend, will still become profitable because it only cost around $50 million to produce.