Soul star Patti Labelle has reportedly agreed to pay $100,000 (£62,500) to settle a lawsuit over claims she hurled verbal abuse at a woman in front of her young child.
The Lady Marmalade singer was accused of throwing water at terrified mum Roseanna Monk and launching into a tirade of abuse when they clashed in the lobby of an apartment building in New York in 2010.
The bust-up was sparked when LaBelle accused Monk of letting her 18-month-old daughter Genevieve play in the lobby, but the outraged mother and her husband Kevin took legal action when LaBelle refused to apologise.
Now the singer has agreed to settle the lawsuit by handing over $100,000, which the Monks have vowed to give to a children's charity, according to the New York Post.
Roseanna Monk tells the publication, "This is an opportunity for Patti LaBelle to help a lot of children, and I feel good about that."