Pretty embarrassing news for Phillip Phillips, as the American Idol alumni’s mother was arrested on suspicion of DUI. People who watched the series of Idol that Phillips was in might well recall his mother Sheryl Phillips – she popped up in a few of the shows lending her support to her son as he charged his way through to win the eleventh season of the long-running reality singing contest.

However it was the police that were doing all the charging yesterday (February 14, 2013) after spotting some suspicious looking driving from Phillips snr. Officials reported to TMZ that they saw her swerving her van erratically across lanes while she was driving in Albany, Georgia and monitored her for a bit before eventually pulling her over. Apparently they had reason to believe that she was under the influence of drink or drugs and so pulled her over for a sobriety test, which she was unable to complete.

She was then taken into custody and transferred to a nearby hospital. It’s believe that she split up with her husband last week. Phillip Phillips' relationship is already strained with his parents, according to TMZ, with the pop star refusing to help out financially after their pawn shop closed down. We can’t imagine this incident will do much to improve family relations.