British singer/songwriter PJ Harvey is selling reproductions of her lyric sheets for $80 (£50) to show the process of songwriting following her public recording stunt.

The musician, real name Polly Jean Harvey, recorded parts of her upcoming new album in full view of fans as part of an art installation at London's Somerset House.

Following the unique project, the star is now selling lyric sheets from the album so buyers can see how "the process of songwriting entails numerous drafts".

Harvey says, "When you're making music with other people in a space, you connect on a very primal level in a musical conversation, communicating emotionally and musically. There's very little barrier and you're not only letting in the other musicians and the music, but also the surroundings and being open to everything that's ever gone on in and around the space."

Songs featured on the sheets include Sight Seeing South of the River, Medicinals, and The Revolving Wheel.