Queen and Adam Lambert have managed to ace the nerve-wracking first night of their tour in North America, rocking Chicago's United Center to its foundations with a bombastic rock show to surpass all others. Combining theatrical flair with jaw-dropping vocal abilities, Queen's adopted singer, Adam Lambert proved his worth as the successor to Freddie Mercury once more.

Adam Lambert Brian May
A Stormingly Successful Opening Night Left Queen & Adam Lambert Fans Hungry For More.

"We've played to some of your mothers and fathers," guitarist Brian May remarked to the full-house crowd during last night's show. "And some of your grandchildren, I'm sure." Noughties Queen singer Paul Rodgers may have had the ability to pull of the power rock group's more challenging numbers, but it is Idol alum Lambert who truly embodies the spirit of the late flamboyant frontman.

Adam Lambert
Lambert Was An Undisputed Star, Working The Crowd With Charisma & Theatrical Flamboyancy.

May told iHeartRadio last year: ''He's extraordinary. It speaks for itself, his voice. That's one voice in a billion. Adam can do things which really I have never heard anyone else ever do in my life.''

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The 31 year-old certainly looked the part last night, clad in an array of studded leather garments with white trousers and even a full animal-print ensemble at one point. He gave a charismatic performance of the band's show-stopping tunes, including 'We Are The Champions,' and 'The Show Must Go On.'

Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor Launched Into An Impressive Drum Duet With His Son, Rufus.

Meanwhile, May's unparalleled instinct for an air-guitar inducing rock solo was showcased alongside mellower moments, as best seen on the acoustic track '39,' which is a tale of love and time travel. Naturally, the degree-educated astrophysicist felt it was time to impart some of his impressive scientific knowledge upon the crowd, launching into a beginner's guide to Einsteinian relativity.

Adam Lambert Roger Taylor
The Bombastic Rock Show Included A Tribute To Late Frontman, Freddie Mercury.

Lambert may have taken centre-stage but the band made sure to pay its respects to Mercury, dedicating the song 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' whilst a photo montage of Queen's younger days was shown. After singing the tribute, drummer Roger Taylor broke into a joint drum feature with his son, Rufus Tiger Taylor.

Adam Lambert Queen
Alongside An Entertaining Show, Brian May Even Managed To Sneak In A Physics Lesson To Educate Fans.

Without any noticeable opening night jitters, Queen and Adam Lambert not only managed to pull off a rock show worthy of the history books but also further their continued relevancy in the music industry.

Adam Lambert Brian May Queen
Many Fans Will Be Expecting Queen To Record An Album With Adam Lambert.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' was, naturally, the jewel in the crown of a glittering and glamorous evening, leaving fans whether Queen will capitalise on the firepower that Lambert lends them by recording a new album.

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