Reese Witherspoon used to worry about ''body image''.

The 44-year-old actress has become more confident as she has gotten older but admitted she used to worry about her looks and many other things.

Asked what advice, she would give her younger self, Reese told Glamour UK: ''I would tell her not to worry so much. I think that I spent a lot of time worrying about things that really didn't matter but it's not entirely my fault. Culture told young women they had to worry about things. What we value about women then is very different than what we value about women now. I would say, 'hold on sister, it's about to get a lot better!' I stuck it out. I endured a lot of really yucky conversations and bad situations to get where I am. Also, I have a million wonderful adventures that brought me to this place. I'm an accumulation of all those ups and downs. I feel really, really strong at 44 years old. I've been through a lot and I've got a lot more to go!

''About body image, not being enough or being too much for people. My ambition was too big. My ideas were too strong. I was a little too loud, too friendly, too upbeat, too emotional.''

Reese's 'Little Fires Everywhere' co-star Kerry Washington, 43, also admitted she had body worries too when she was younger.

She explained: ''It's about not being not so worried about taking up space, right? With my body, with my attitude, with my influence. Don't worry about being 'big'. It's OK to be big, loud and bold. Even to make really big mistakes, take big risks, learn big stuff, have big tears, just do it, just go for it. This one, precious life is all you got.''