Rita Ora believes Chris Brown ''takes charge and control of his own destiny''.

The 24-year-old singer recently collaborated with the controversial star - who was arrested in 2009 for assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna - on her new single 'Body On Me' and she's insisted it was easy work getting up close and personal with him for the steamy music video.

Speaking on 'Rickie, Melvin & Charlie In The Morning' on KISS FM UK, Rita shared: ''Well, I can officially tell you, they weren't hard! I think any female, depending on your taste, would vouch for me when I say it was an extremely eventful day. I'm only saying that because he's so, so easy to work with.

''I've always looked at Chris as someone that takes charge and control of his own destiny.''

The 'Poison' hitmaker also claimed the 'Loyal' singer was her only choice when it came to providing vocals for the song.

She explained: ''Musically, I really respect him. And vocally, his voice was the only voice that made sense for 'Body on Me' ... Like his tone of voice worked and the way he sings. I had my little thought, like who could work on it well and for some reason it was just Chris' name that kept coming into my head, and I'd been wanting to work with him for a while.''

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