Rita Ora says becoming a Chanel muse has been a ''fairytale''.

The 'How We Do' hitmaker can't believe her luck at having become a firm favourite with the high end brand's creative director Karl Lagerfeld, who she met when he photographed her for his Little Black Jacket exhibition.

She gushed: ''It's like a Disney film for me, it's a fairytale! The people at Chanel were kind enough to invite me to the haute couture show at the Grand Palais [in Paris] in January. I was in the front row, it was magical.''

The 22-year-old singer is in awe of eccentric fashion mogul Karl's general knowledge, and says they get on because she is driven by passion and creative energy just like him.

Rita said: ''He amazes me because he is incredibly cultured, he knows everything about everything when it comes to fashion, music, art... He's always got an enthusiasm for what goes on around him and for people. I'm Sagittarius, a fire sign, so passion drives me.''

While the star is known for her funky personal style, she is a fan of Chanel's timeless and beautifully-crafted pieces, which she likes to incorporate into her daily look.

Describing the brand, she said: ''A timeless style, very recognisable, classic, but not old-fashioned. There's always a creative twist, it's full of energy, full of life... For me, a woman who dresses in Chanel is sure of herself, sexy, and rich!''

However, Kosovo-born Rita hasn't always been able to wear designer labels so she had to learn the art of finding a good bargain.

She added in an interview with France's Be magazine: ''I've not always been able to afford it. What I like is finding bargains, unearthing a great little piece for 10 euros that I can then mix with designer shoes or a bag.''