Rita Ora doesn't ''say no to people in everyday life''.

The 24-year-old pop star is currently appearing as a judge on the BBC reality TV show 'The Voice', and she admits it's especially tough because she struggles to say no to people.

Rita explained: ''It just sucks saying no to an act. It really took some getting used to.

''In the beginning I found it so difficult as I don't say no to people in everyday life.

''I always try to please people and make them happy, even when I know I can't do something. So it was hard for me.

''All the singers are talented. 'The Voice' doesn't have joke acts - these people can sing, so it's really a case of picking out the great ones from the good ones.''

However, Rita - who stars on the show alongside Sir Tom Jones, hip-hop star Will.i.am and Ricky Wilson, the lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs - says the experience has taught her much about herself.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''I've learned a lot about myself and the other coaches have taught me a lot too.''