Rita Ora is ''constantly inspired'' by the strong women in her life.

The 'Girls' hitmaker says she comes ''from a family of inspirational women'', and credits her mother and her sister with helping her become the ''best version'' of herself.

She said: ''I come from a family of inspirational women. My mother and sister have supported me through everything, and they always push me to be the best version of myself. I'm constantly inspired by how hard they work and the drive they have to live life to the fullest!''

And Rita also acknowledged her own status as a role model, and she said she wants to see the music industry become ''more inclusive'', because she believes there are ''too many voices that have gone unheard''.

Speaking to InStyle Mexico, she added: ''I would say the industry definitely needs to work on being more inclusive. The emotional themes of music are universal, and everyone has an important story to tell. There are too many voices that have gone unheard and they should have access to a larger platform.

''This is not just a time for the entertainment industry to change but for the whole world to start making changes to be more inclusive.''

Meanwhile, Rita recently slammed ageism in the music industry, as she said women can often be made to feel like they are no longer the ''fresh girl on the scene'' when they get older.

She said: ''The problem is that insecurity gets put onto you through comments that you read over the years. You start to think, 'I'm not as young as I used to be. I'm not the fresh girl on the scene I once was'.

''I can proudly say, 'Yeah - I use my looks because I'm very comfortable in my skin and I like my body', but that gives people an opportunity to say, 'Oh, well - you're getting older'.

''I stand up for these girls because age really doesn't matter - J. Lo had her first hit in her thirties.''

The 'How To Be Lonely' singer thinks the obsession surrounding age is also a sexist issue.

She added: ''And men don't get asked how old they are all the time!''