Rita Ora made out with her gay best friend Nick Grimshaw at Glastonbury.

The 'Hot Right Now' singer and her 'X Factor' co-star Nick Grimshaw ''kissed with tongues'' after getting emotional about being single while watching The Rolling Stones perform at the annual music festival in 2013.

Speaking on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Nick said: ''We just decided to kiss. We got off with each other for a bit. I don't know how to do it without tongues.''

Elaborating on what led to the romantic moment, openly gay Nick explained: ''We were sharing a caravan, me and Rita and a few of our friends. There was one room in there, which had a double bed in it, so we shared the double bed. Over the course of the weekend we got a bit closer, we went to go and watch The Rolling Stones, and we ended up watching it with all of our friends who were in relationships.

''So, then it would get to a romantic Rolling Stones song, or a bit of a moment, or an acoustic moment - there's flares going off - everyone is sort of cuddling and stuff, and we were like 'Why don't we have boyfriends?', so we kissed.''

When asked about Rita's kissing skills, Nick said: ''Obviously wonderful. She doesn't take no for an answer. So it happened.''

Nick's confession came after a teaser clip from an upcoming episode of 'X Factor' shows Rita claiming that she tried to kiss Nick at Glastonbury but he turned her down.

She said: ''Yes, I tried to get off with him at Glastonbury once, and he just completely shut me down,'' but Nick then revealed the truth on his show on Friday (11.09.15).

When asked if it could happen again, Nick said: ''No kisses since. We have not kissed since, but who knows she is single now.''

Rita has been linked to Wiz Khalifa and Zayn Malik since splitting from Ricky Hil earlier this year.