Rita Ora's friends are "very jealous" of her marriage to Taika Waititi.

The 33-year-old pop star tied the knot with Hollywood director Taika, 48, in 2022 and revealed that some people have envied her in some ways but has found that it is the most "natural" relationship that she has ever had.

Speaking on the 'Table Manners' podcast, she told hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware: "A lot of people have called me saying that they are very jealous of me about my husband. I think it's because it's what you see, What he's like is what he's like.

"[We laugh] all the time. It's just really nice to be able to be with someone who makes you feel like it's not a job and it's sort of like an existence...not that my past relationships felt like jobs, but it felt like I was responsible to do things in the relationship.

"It was like 'Do you want to go have dinner?' It was making the effort, and I feel like relationships you shouldn't have to think really about them. They just happen, and this one's just really happened. It's nice, it's natural. It's great."

The 'Ask and You Shall Receive' hitmaker added that she was attracted to Taika - who was initially married to Chelsea Winstanley from 2011 until 2018 and has Te Kainga O'Te Hinekahu, 11, and seven-year-old Matewa Kiritapu with her - straight away but believed initially that the 'Thor' director thought she might be a bit "too crazy" for him.

"I wouldn't say we were set up, but we definitely met through a friend, innocently. He was doing a barbeque; my husband loves to just cook. It's all the meats and salads, he's incredible at steaks so he had a barbeque. And we had a mutual friend who [invited] me. And that's where we met. We became friends and then...

"I fancied him, but I didn't think he fancied me because I thought he thought I was too crazy for him.

"The film world is different to the music world, pop stars and musicians are a bit more wild - or so I thought. But then I got to know him and he's more wild than anyone I've ever met!"