Ronan Keating got mistaken for Beck by a fan wanting an autograph.

The Boyzone singer landed in Los Angeles and happily played along when an unfortunate fan approached him for his signature thinking they were actually talking to the 'Loser' hitmaker.

Speaking on Magic Radio Breakfast, he said: ''I got off a plane in LA. I was going through a cowboy hat wearing phase in the 90s, and I had a pair of yellow tinted glasses on.

''Someone said, 'Hey Mr. Beck can I have your autograph? I signed it Beck. Why not?''

The 43-year-old star also reflected on his coronavirus lockdown spending habits and admitted his wife Storm has frozen him out of his own online Amazon account.

He said: ''Storm has frozen my Amazon account. I had nothing to do at the weekend. I was bored.

''I went to my laptop, on the Friday I thought, 'Here we go, Magic's finished for the weekend, what do I not need?' And I went on to Amazon, started looking around.

''I was looking for ages and I found some random stuff. No payment. Wouldn't process, wouldn't go through.

''You know you can just hit 'Buy Now' and it just comes up with the green tick to say 'Yep, success, done'. Nothing - red cross, it's not possible. She's frozen it.

''You see the difficult thing is I have to tell her I was on Amazon, so it was this conversation ... I went 'Er, I was just looking at school stuff, supplies for Cooper on Amazon there love, and it wouldn't let me get that pencil case thing that we were talking about getting him.'

''She goes, 'Oh right yeah, I've frozen your account!' ''

The 'No Matter What' singer and Storm welcomed their daughter Coco into the world during the ongoing pandemic, and he admitted it was a very peaceful experience.

Ronan - who also has Cooper, two, with Storm, and Missy, 19, and Jack, 21, with ex wife Yvonne Connolly - explained: ''It was obviously very strange, because nobody could come into the hospital. It was just Storm and myself and little Coco in lockdown in the hospital.

''The nurses were amazing, the staff were brilliant. But it was just so different, it was so quiet. Which was kind of nice in a way.

''We had all of that time just to ourselves. Cooper couldn't come in, his other brothers and sisters couldn't come. So it was a strange one. It was very different and lovely.''

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