Who out there remembers the ‘80s cult classic movie Road House? Well, it’s just become the latest cultural artefact to get a modern makeover at the cinema, but this time it’s with a twist – UFC bantamweight champion fighter Ronda Rousey has been cast in the lead role, as Patrick Swayze’s character from the original.

That’s right – that stereotypical depiction of ‘80s masculinity is getting a female re-boot, according to the initial report by Variety. The 1989 original saw Swayze’s James Dalton being hired to restore order to a boisterous roadside dive bar in Missouri, a role we can see Rousey’s no-holds-barred approach being totally suitable for.

Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey will be taking the lead role in the re-make of 'Road House'

On Tuesday morning, (September 8th), Rousey tweeted with a link to the original article: “It is a great honor to play a part in celebrating the life of a man that inspired so many. I couldn't be more grateful to have this opportunity to pay respect to the beloved Patrick Swayze… I promise to work incessantly to make sure this project is a tribute to his family and fans can be proud of.”

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The new Road House won’t begin filming until 2016, it’s reported. It also isn’t the only Swayze movie re-make in the pipeline – the legendary ‘so bad it’s good’ Point Break from 1991 has been given the treatment and is set for theatrical release in December this year.

Outside of her fighting career, 28 year old Rousey has been building up a sideline as an actress over the last 18 months. Her first feature film was The Expendables 3 in 2014, and she’s also had small roles in Furious 7 and Entourage this year. She’s also touted to star as herself in a screen adaptation of her autobiography ‘My Fight / Your Fight’.

The popular fighter has reached a peak of media exposure in the last year, with her no-nonsense attitude to red carpet interviews and her feminist speech that went viral and was adopted by Beyonce.

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