This year, World Wrestling Entertainment will be taking its biggest pay-per-view event, WrestleMania 34, to New Orleans, and there are already some big matches scheduled to take place on the night's match card. Another one was added during last night's episode of 'Monday Night Raw', when Ronda Rousey decided it was time to name her opponent for her first ever wrestling match under the company.

Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut earlier this year at the Royal RumbleRonda Rousey made her WWE debut earlier this year at the Royal Rumble

Hitting the ring for a promo alongside the Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, Rousey invited WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon to join her in the ring, before being joined by fellow Authority figure and husband Triple H. It was there that Stephanie and Ronda seemed to put their differences behind them, but when Stephanie asked for the name of the person the former UFC fighter would like to take on at WrestleMania, she came back with an unexpected response.

As part of her contract under the company, Rowdy Ronda is able to name any active member of the WWE Women's Roster, excluding champions, for her first match. So, she chose Stephanie McMahon herself. Though the Chief Brand Officer didn't look too pleased about the decision, it's now something she cannot back out of, and Kurt managed to make the match even more exciting when he added two competitors.

Turning the one-on-one into a mixed tag match, he said he would personally be joining Team Ronda, whilst Stephanie would have her husband Triple H in her corner.

The decision is one that should help to spotlight Ronda on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania, without asking too much from her too quickly. Here, she'll be able to take pauses, gather herself and pace her way through the match, rather than being forced to put on a full display of force and aggression in just a few weeks time.

With that being said, fans are going to want to see if she has the goods to go all the way in the WWE before too long. If she's going to make her way into a title picture in the near future, she'll have to prove she can earn that position, rather than just find herself in it because of her name and her UFC history.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding Ronda Rousey and her career in the WWE as and when we get it.