Sam Smith and Cyndi Lauper performed at the White House to celebrate President Joe Biden signing the Respect for Marriage Act.

The 30-year-old non-binary pop star - who uses the pronouns they/them - and the music legend and LGBTQIA+ activist both performed on the South Lawn at the world leader's residence in Washington D.C. on Tuesday (13.12.22), to welcome the federal law protecting the rights of same-sex and interracial couples.

Sam took to the stage for a breathtaking performance of their ballad 'Stay With Me', while Cyndi performed her 80s' classic 'True Colors'.

A song close to the community, the 1986 hit became the name of the singer's fund dedicated to eradicating LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness.

Cyndi told the crowd: “This time, love wins.”

The 69-year-old star then gave an empowering speech, in which she thanked Biden and his colleagues for making it legal for Americans to "love who we love".

She said: “I came here because I wanted to say thank you to President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Vice President Harris and all the advocates in his team.

“For once, our families, mine and a lot of my friends, people you know, sometimes your neighbours, we can rest easy tonight because our families are validated.

“Because now we are allowed to love who we love, which sounds odd to say, but Americans can now love who we love.

“Bless Joe Biden and all the people who worked on this for allowing people and their children not to worry about their future.”