Selena Gomez hit the premiere of her new movie Getaway just 24 hours after attending the MTV Video Music Awards in New York. In theaters on Friday (August 30, 2013), the movie sees Ethan Hawke play a formerly high-ranked professional racing driver named who drove so fast that he was considered too dangerous for the sport.

Selena GomezSelena Gomez At The 'Getaway Premiere'

The 21-year-old has moved away from her innocent Disney channel image in recent years, playing a more adult role in Spring Breakers, splitting with pop star Justin Bieber and now, starring alongside action-star Hawke in Courtney Solomon's new film.

"I feel like I've been playing the same character over and over again," she told the New York Daily News this week. "I mean I'm super proud of ['Wizards'] ... I just want to do things that really push me."

"I have notes and notes of things that [Hawke would] say," Gomez said of learning from her co-star. "I wrote everything down, from what he thinks his character would do, and even what he thinks I would do...He would always ask me about what I was thinking and make me dig a little deeper. It was like acting class."

Selena GomezEthan Hawke [L] and Selena Gomez [R] At The 'Getaway' Premiere

Gomez found herself in the headlines following the VMAs, during which she was spotted on camera looking a little anxious after pal Taylor Swift dropped an F-Bomb, apparently aimed at Harry Styles. She was also one of the few singers who actually praised Miley Cyrus' performance, which was deemed inappropriate by many,

"Amazing. I thought it was awesome," she told Us Weekly backstage at the Barclays Center, "I like Robin Thicke too, so I like that they [collaborated]. I thought that was good."

Getaway hits theaters in the U.S. from Friday.

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Selena GomezSelena Gomez Meeting Fans At The 'Getaway' Premiere

Selena Gomez Getaway Premiere
Selena Gomez [L] and Director Courtney Solomon [R] At The 'Getaway' Premiere