Seth Macfarlane

A Family Guy: Forget Ricky Gervais - who managed to insult MOST people during his stint as Golden Globes host - because Seth Macfarlane just about offended everyone at the Oscars on Sunday. Women, Jews, Mel Gibson, George Clooney and Prometheus were among those feeling the full force of the comedian's quips. He says he'll never host again.

A Silver Lining: It sort of seemed as though the world was against Jennifer Lawrence winning Best Actress at the Oscars. Many plumped for the underdog Emmauelle Riva, while others favoured Jessica Chastain - nevertheless, the Silver Linings Playbook was head over heels with her win - literally.

Affleck Gains Oscar, Loses Beard: It was great to see Ben Affleck's plucky determination paying off at the Academy Awards on Sunday, winning Best Picture for the Iranian hostage drama Argo. The director's unkempt facial hair has been a staple of this year's awards season, but now it's gone. Gone Baby Gone.

Daniel Day-Lewis

The Greatest? Daniel Day-Lewis made history at the Oscars by winning Best Actor prize for third occasion, surpassing the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn. Nevertheless, the Briton laughed off reports suggesting he should now be considered the greatest actor of all time

Sons and Brothers: Mumford & Sons helmsman Marcus Mumford is teaming up with Justin Timberlake to create the soundtrack for the Coen Brothers forthcoming movie Inside Llewyn Davis, about a singer-songwriter navigating the New York folk music scene of the 1960s.

Bobby's Behind Bars: The game is up for Bobby Brown, whose recent DUI arrest has landed him in prison for 55 days. The New Edition man was probably expecting to get off with this one, but a judge disagreed, sending him to the slammer for his crime. He can't exactly complain can he?

Harry Styles

Stylish Low-Blow: Poor old Harry Styles, kicked in the balls twice in a matter of days. The first time came courtesy of pal Liam Payne's, though the second came from a lone shoe, launched from the crowd at a One Direction gig in Glasgow. It left Styles gasping for air on the deck. We couldn't help but smile.

Anne Breaks Valentino's Heart: Anne Hathaway was forced to apologize to fashion house Valentino this week after making a last minute swap to a Prada gown for the Oscars. The Italian brand had already put out a press release, telling everyone who'd listen that the Best Supporting Actress would be wearing Valentino. And then she didn't.

Carrie Me Home! Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher appeared a little worse for wear during a recent sing-a-song on a Caribbean cruise, delivering bum notes before cleaning up her roving dog's poop. Her people insist she wasn't drunk and the actress was hospitalized for problems linked to bi-polar. Either way, we wish Carrie a full recovery!

Video of the Week: This week's hottest footages comes from New York, where Johnny Depp arrived for the Late Show with David Letterman. On his departure, the actor had swapped his beanie hat for a fedora, which he almost lost in a strong gust of wind