She may only be 25, but Shailene Woodley has been extremely active in political matters outside of her acting career, and now reports suggest that she's considering a career in congress herself. After all, she is very vocal about her opinions on society and governmental issues.

Shailene Woodley at the premiere of 'Big Little Lies'Shailene Woodley at the premiere of 'Big Little Lies'

We can't forget the 'Big Little Lies' actress getting arrested during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota last year, and indeed all her work on environmental issues, and it seems that these causes may contribute to a future in politics.

'There was a point last year when I was working for Bernie Sanders where I thought, 'Huh, maybe I'll run for Congress in a couple years'', she told the New York Times in an interview. 'And you know what? I'm not going to rule it out. Who knows? Life is big, and I'm young.'

She also opened up about her thoughts on feminism and equality. 'I would today consider myself a feminist', she continued. 'If females start working through the false narrative of jealousy and insecurity fed through a patriarchal society, then not only will we have more women feeling confident in themselves and supportive of one another, but we will start introducing a type of matriarchy, which is what this world needs. We need more softness and more silence and more pause through the chaos.'

Currently on one year's probabtion for criminal trespassing after the Standing Rock protest, this Fall will be also be one year since she landed the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award at the 20th Anniversary Global Green Environmental Awards for her involvement in co-founding the All it Takes organization, as well as getting the Female EMA Futures Award at the 26th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards.

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As for her work with Bernie Sanders, she was involved in Our Revolution; an organisation developed to engage citizens in political issues.