Sheppard might be yet to gain significant attention in the US and UK, but they're becoming serious superstars in their home nation of Australia. The Brisbane six-piece shot to number one with their multi-Platinum single 'Geronimo' last year, and even managed to knock down Pharrell Williams' record-breaking hit 'Happy'.

Sheppard promoSheppard apologize for Pharrell victory

Needless to say, the band were, indeed, very happy when they discovered that they had beaten the pop giant to the top of the chart in Australia, and even more so when their independent debut album 'Bombs Away' reached number two. They remain, however, contrite that Pharrell's opportunity to break yet another record was snatched from him.

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'He was about to break a record for the longest running number one single in Australia ever', frontman George Sheppard told in an interview during their recent appearance at the Isle Of Wight Festival. 'He had something like thirteen weeks, and if he hit fourteen he would have beaten Eminem's 'Lose Yourself', we kind of cut that short for him.' 

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Don't be too bitter though, Pharrell. These guys feel for you! 'Sorry Pharrell, if you ever read this, I'm so sorry', George declares. 'We should have waited another week and then it would have been fine, but that's the way it goes.'

Frontwoman Amy Sheppard felt less apologetic for their victory over the worldwide hitmaker, admitting that 'it felt great' to hit such a milestone with their first single. 'We felt a bit like, "Oh, sorry Pharrell, not so happy anymore huh?" Seriously, 'Happy' was definitely on its last few weeks at the top anyway', she says.

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'Happy' still managed to become the best-selling song of 2014 in the US and UK, however, and actually became the UK's best-selling single of this century so far. While it was denied the chance to become Australia's longest running number one, it still became the best-selling single of all time in neighbouring country New Zealand.

'Geronimo''s records are a little more modest, but no less impressive for an independent up-and-coming pop band. It was still the highest selling single in Australia by an Australian artist last year and also was the longest running number one in Australia of all independent releases - not to mention being the first chart-topper that's ever been recorded in their hometown of Brisbane.

Sheppard are currently on with their second album and have a new single entitled 'Let Me Down Easy'.

Listen to 'Geronimo' here: