The All I Wanna Do hitmaker is fronting the Blue Jeans Go Green initiative to help bosses at Cotton Incorporated reach the collection goal of 10,000 pieces of denim.

The jeans will be recycled into insulation to be installed in homes in New Orleans, Louisiana, an area still being rebuilt following 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Crow says, "I hope to influence as many people as possible to recycle their denim through the Blue Jeans Go Green program... It's a really simple way to help the environment, help communities in need and complete an environmental cycle that begins on the farm and ends with us. To think that my old jeans could help insulate a house is just an incredible idea, I'm excited to work with Cotton Incorporated on this initiative."

The homes using the recycled denim are set to be constructed as a New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity project in May (15).