Simply Red star Mick Hucknall credits his wife and daughter with saving his life, insisting he would be "dead" if he had carried on jetting around the world chasing models.
The British singer was a famous philanderer in his hey-day, and has been linked to a string of beautiful celebrities including Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and supermodel Helena Christensen.
He finally settled down and married long-term partner Gabrielle Wilke-Wesberry last year (10) and they are parents to a four-year-old daughter, Romy True.
Hucknall is adamant he would not be here today if he hadn't stepped out of the fast lane to focus on family life.
He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I'm a family man now, a unit. Me, my wife, my daughter and I won't do anything to f**k that up.
"I was going around the world, following models: London, Paris, New York, Ibiza... I was a boy in a candy shop. I did what you're supposed to as a rock star. It's great in your 20s and 30s, but if I'd carried on like that I'd have been dead. I realised I wanted something else.
"Family puts things in perspective. Romy doesn't care about fame, she wants feeding in the morning. It's precious to me because, before, I never knew what a family was and now I know, I am never going to f**k it up. Fatherhood has changed me completely."