Review of Sweet Talk/You Lie You Cheat Single by Spiritualized

Review of Spiritualized's track Sweet Talk/You Lie You Cheat.

Spiritualized Sweet Talk/You Lie You Cheat Single

It's been a difficult few years for Jason Pierce. As if losing your missus and most of your band members weren't bad enough, he normally paid the ultimate price with his life last year. Even then, some people weren't satisfied with the way he came back, amidst suggestions that 'Songs From A&E' is just "the same old clich'-riddled nonsense" while the current line-up of Spiritualized are nothing more than a bunch of hired hands session men with nothing better to do than take orders from the Spaceman himself.

Having been one of the many cynics in the latter camp, its moments like this double whammy of a 45 that can change mindsets with the flip of a seven-inch as it were. A-side 'Sweet Talk', for all its obvious sentiment and gospel-tinged posturing, does border on the wrong side of pastiche, albeit ever-so-slightly. AA-side 'You Lie You Cheat' however is an immense rocker that if there were any justice in the world would be the signature tune to rehab clinics like The Priory. Winehouse, Williams, you've heard nothing yet..

Not quite a return to form alongside the halcyon days of 'Ladies And Gentlemen.' then but a timely reminder that there's still life in the old Spaceman yet.

Dom Gourlay

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