Happy Father's Day to all the long-suffering dads out there. It's your dad's day to relax and annoy the rest of the family with his favourite tunes, and if your own father fancies himself as something of a 70s guitar hero, these tunes will be strangely familiar to you...

Photo: Pixabay

Rockin' All Over The World - Status Quo

If your dad doesn't like Status Quo is he really your dad? This is the most daddiest of all dad rock, and if your dad's over 50 he's more than likely a massive fan. Rockin' All Over The World was released with their album of the same name in 1977 and remains their signature tune.

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Admit it! Your faces blanches when you hear the words "Just a small town girl" on the radio in public when you're out with your parents because you know they're about to start singing along to the 1981 hit at the tops of their lungs. And the worst part is, you won't be able to resist joining in...

The Final Countdown - Europe

It has one of the world's longest and most iconic intros so when your dad decides to sing it on karaoke there's always that awkward minute and a half of him standing there waiting for the singing to start. You now have a phobia of Europe (and not in a Brexit way) and you're not the only one.

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

Everyone loves Queen but this is most definitely the one your dad plays when you hit the motorway on a family road trip. It's also one of the only songs he (and everyone else in the family) know every single word to. God bless Freddie Mercury.

The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy

What your dad listens to when he's heading off to the pub to play darts with his pals. Unless, of course, your dad's Irish like the 70s rock band, in which case he's more likely to opt for their cover of Whiskey in the Jar.

Bat Out of Hell - Meat Loaf

The one your dad thinks is clever to put on the jukebox because it goes on for about ten thousand years. Not unlike the majority of Meat Loaf's songs. It is the rocker's best loved song, however, and the title track to his 30-year album trilogy. 

All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

Ahh, Jimi Hendrix; the man your dad thinks he is when he has a guitar in his hands, no matter what his skill level. You don't know how many anecdotes you've heard which includes the iconic guitarist's music, yet he still forgets the words to this gem.

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