Stephen Moyer's romance with his TRUE BLOOD co-star Anna Paquin became common knowledge after crew members on the hit vampire series realised their scripts were delivered to the same hotel room.
The pair met during filming for the pilot episode in 2007 and began dating while working on the first season the show.
They deliberately kept their relationship quiet because they feared working together would become awkward if they split up.
But their secret didn't stay safe for long - eagle-eyed staff on the show quickly deduced the two actors were sharing a hotel suite.
Moyer tells GQ magazine, "Keeping (it) from the cast and crew was tricky. I think the production team became suspicious when the scripts were being sent to the same hotel room. There was always the worry, for Anna and me, that this might be a short fling and we'd have to face some toe-curling moments the morning after. Thankfully, that wasn't the case."