Review of Solos, Sessions and Encores Album by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Friends
Solos, Sessions and Encores
Album Review

Stevie Ray Vaughan Solos, Sessions and Encores Album

Like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan was a wondering guitar slinger who made himself available for hire as a session musician as well as working on his solo career.

Vaughn has proved himself to be one of the best guitar players of the past 40 years with his death still being mourned by many fans. Solos, Sessions and Encores nicely showcases the best of his extra-curricular music that most fans might not have been fully aware of, some of the 'friends' on this album include: David Bowie, Dick Dale, AC Reed, Johnny Copeland, Jeff Beck, Lonnie Mack, Albert King and BB King.

It's a shame that the compilation makers decided to choose Let's Dance over China Girl as the David Bowie song of choice; but all is forgotten when you listen to Albert's Shuffle, Pipeline or Bonnie Raitt's contribution to Stevie's own Texas Flood. In an age when Guitar Hero rules supreme over many youngsters (and oldies) lives, it introduces them to the electric guitar, hopefully some will show the kind of passionate power that Stevie Ray Vaughan showed to his guitar.


Mike Rea