T-Pain - or as he's known to many, the king of Auto-Tune. Well, it turns out this guy has a pretty beautiful voice and really doesn't need to be hiding it with those awful effects. Jay-Z tried unsuccessfully to put the Auto-Tune crazy to bed with D.O.A on Blueprint 3 but it now looks as though it's curtains for the favoured production technique, given its main proponent doesn't...really need it. At all.

T-PainTurns out T-Pain really doesn't need to use Auto-Tune on his records.

In a NPR Tiny Desk concert that went viral this week, T-Pain perplexed everyone by singing normally. And it was rather good. This is a guy who didn't just use Auto-Tune to correct pitchy singing - he very deliberately used it to distort his voice.

Sitting on a little stool, T-Pain told the small gathered crowd, "thank you everybody for coming out. This is weird as hell for me. Never done anything like this. Didn't think you guys were going to be here, but I guess we're doing this."

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"I know everybody's wondering where the auto-tune is gonna come from.it's in my pocket. It's right here," he joked, before launching into a wonderful technology-free version of Buy You A Drink, accompanied only by a minimal piano line. After receiving stirring applause, a nervous, almost bashful looking T-Pain tried out a near a capella version of Drankin' Patna.

The video has already pulled in well over 1 million views on YouTube, which probably means you're not going to hear Auto-Tune on a T-Pain song, ever again. 

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T-Pain will release his fifth studio album Stoicville: The Phoenix in 2015. The record was originally set for this year, though it appears that release will be delayed.