Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are planning a collaboration.

The couple began dating earlier this year and have now started working together in the hope they can create a ground-breaking hit by combining their distinctive sounds.

A source revealed: ''Taylor and Calvin have been speaking about collaborating since they started dating.

''They've had a couple of sessions jamming in the studio and are working with producer Detail.

''He was behind a string of Jay Z and Beyonce tracks including 'Drunk In Love'.''

Although the collaboration is still in its early stages, Taylor, 25, has already been recording vocals at a studio in Los Angeles and they are hoping they will have a song ready to debut at the American Music Awards which is expected to take place in November.

The source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''Taylor has already been in LA laying down vocals for one of the tracks which could be premiered at the American Music Awards later this year.

''Musically, Calvin and Taylor are from different worlds - but they are determined to bring their styles together.''

However, Calvin, 31, has been coy about the idea recently and said he was unsure if they would be working together when asked if the pair would be heading into the studio in a recent interview.