Taylor Swift is fast gaining a reputation for skipping between boyfriends faster that you can say ‘We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together,’ which, let’s face it, as song titles go, is a bit of a mouthful. After the Brits, Taylor was spotted out with the winner of the evening’s Critics’ Choice Award, Tom Odell. According to The Metro, Odell and Swift shared a few drinks at the Florists Arms in Bethnal Green, before they headed of to the super-swanky Groucho Club in Soho.

Presumably Tom will have been looking over his shoulder to make sure Harry Styles wasn’t around. After all, it’s not that been that long since Taylor unceremoniously jilted young Harry, of the boy band One Direction. Styles’ band also performed at the Brit Awards. At the time that they were booked, we assume that the Awards organisers thought it might make a nice romantic night out for Harry and his country-pop starlet. Of course, they weren’t banking on Taylor’s attention-deficit approach to dating putting the kibosh on their budding relationship quite so soon. 

Tom ODellTaylor Swift

Tom Odell (L) celebrated his Critics Choice award by sharing a few drinks with Taylor Swift (R) after the Brits

If you’re wondering who on earth this Tom fella is – he’s pretty new on the scene and was discovered by Lily Rose Cooper (formerly known as Lily Allen), who was introduced to his music by a friend and instantly decided to help the 22 year-old songwriter along his way. He’ll be releasing his debut album in April, entitled Long Way Down. 

Tom Odell's 'Hold Me' video