Taylor Swift has been teasing what looks like a pretty special video for ‘Bad Blood’ ahead of its debut next week. Over the last three days, the singer has been uploading some kick-ass looking Sin City-style posters casting herself and some of her friends as a team of superheroes.

On May 7th, Swift posted a noir-ish looking picture of herself on her Instagram page, dressed in a leather motorcycle-style jacket and looking straight down the camera, with the words “Taylor Swift starring as ‘Catastrophe’. The picture also contained the words “Bad Blood” with the tagline “Band-Aids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes”, in the style of a movie poster.

Meet Catastrophe. #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Since then, eight similar pictures have appeared on her Instagram, of a number of Swift’s celebrity BFFs from the world of music and beyond, all striking poses and each with their own superhero-style nickname. According to a tweet from Swift, they all got to choose their personas themselves.

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Meet Cut-Throat. @Zendaya #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Her co-stars and their various codenames are: Lily Aldridge (‘Frostbyte’), Zendaya Coleman (‘Cut-Throat’), Hayley Williams (‘The Crimson Curse’), Gigi Hadid (‘Slay-Z’), Ellie Goulding (‘Destructa X’), Hailee Steinfeld (appearing three times in her picture as ‘The Trinity’), Lena Dunham (‘Lucky Fiori’) and Kendrick Lamar (‘Welvin Da Great’).

The fourth single from her current album 1989, which is still slaying charts around the world, will get is premiere at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday May 17th. It has been directed by Joseph Kahn, who was also in charge of a previous video of hers for ‘Blank Space’.

Meet Lucky Fiori. @lenadunham #BadBloodMusicVideo

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So, we can probably expect a fast-paced, intricate video with an extended intro or outro, featuring the Swift and her seven co-stars fighting the forces of evil. Even if you’re not a Swift fan, you have to admit – this sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool!

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Meet The Trinity. @haileesteinfeld #BadBloodMusicVideo

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