Review of Pieces Of The People We Love Single by The Rapture

The Rapture
Pieces Of The People We Love
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The Rapture Pieces Of The People We Love Single

Long before 'New Rave' became a misnomer of a genre a band came across from New York City to combine disco beats, guitars and cowbells to come up with a new sound. You could dance to it, you could appreciate the musicianship and, crucially, it was fun. Appealing to musos and party animals alike there was a wind of change in the air that people could sense at their early shows. After releasing their first album to critical acclaim and, in no small way, encouraging several other bands to plough their furrow, the Rapture disappeared for a while. By the time the album that this single is from came out there were a whole host of new bands flying what they had introduced. This single sounds tired, bored and devoid of any spark that would endear it to anyone. The disco beats and urgency have gone, replaced by a Kasabian-esque rolling drumbeat and a smoldering, controlled vocal delivery. It's not an awful track by any stretch and is quite hypnotic on repeated listens, but there is better stuff, albeit that they helped inspire, out there in a similar vein. The future is not getting brighter for them.

David Lapidus

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