The Walking Dead is readying itself for series 3, which will hit screens later this month, and one thing is for sure is that there wont be any shortage of gore, guts and glory. So, for those who still can't wait any longer even though the airing date is looming ever closer, here's a few mini-spoilers of what can be expected for season 3.

First off the bat, will be the introduction of Michonne, who was first brought in to the show during the shocking finale of series 2. Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, will have her character dissected and background laid out for all to see, and whether she will prove to be an ally to Jack and the rest of the survivors from series 1 will have to be seen.

Also on offer to potentially hinder the advances of Jack, played by Andrew Lincoln, and his band of merry men and women will be the mysterious Governor David Morrissey.

The Governor is not your government official though, he is in fact the governor of a prison where the gang seek sanctuary, hoping that being locked up on the inside will be one of the last places where a zombie apocalypse will get to them. Of course, we're hoping that this is the exact opposite of what will happen as the producers have already promised an increase on the action and we can only hope that this is what we get.

The premiere for series 3 starts on October 16th on AMC.